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The Creatures mascot: Creature Carl.

The Creatures is a group of popular YouTubers that mostly consist of gaming commentators. It includes the following:

  • Kootra (Jordan Matthewson)
  • SSohPKC (Seamus O' Doherty)
  • GoldenBlackHawk (Kevin)
  • ZeRoyalViking (Steven)
  • UberHaxorNova (James Richard Wilson Jr.)
  • Sp00nerism (Nick)
  • and DanzNewz (Daniel Gidlow)
  • Last but not Least ImmortalHD (Aleksandr VitalyEvich Marchant)


The Creatures are planning on opening up an office business that Nova will most likely be involved in. It will include all the creatures making videos for The Creatures youtube account.

UberHaxorNova is the only member with 2 million subscribers, as Dan has the least with over 200,000 subscribers.The Creatures youtube channel is named "TheCreatureHub". GassyMexican (Max) used to be apart of the creatures until he was kicked out in January 2012 by Kootra and DanzNewz. Jordan Lives with Monica, Dan lives with Liz, Sly lives with Aleks, Nick (Sp00n) Lives with his Ally.James is rumored to live in the newly leased creature office. ALSO NEWS FLASH! Sly left the Creatures due to family issues.